1. The normal PAYE (5th) & VAT (31ST) deadlines.

Tax Season 2018

The 2018 Tax Season for Individuals is open for eFilers.


What are the deadlines?

The deadline for non-provisional taxpayers has been brought forward to allow more time for finalising audits before the year ends:



Type of Taxpayer​​

Manual post or at SARS branch

​21 September 2018

​Non-provisional and provisional

eFiling or electronic filing at SARS branch ​

​31 October 2018



​31 January 2019




Tips for filing your tax return

You do not need to submit a return if ALL the criteria below apply to you:

  • Your total employment income / salary for the year (March 2017 to February 2018) before tax (gross income) was not more than R350 000; and
  • You only received employment income / salary for the full year of assessment (March 2017 to February 2018) from one employer; and
  • You have no car allowance/company car/ travel allowance or other income (e.g. interest or rental income); and
  • You are not claiming tax related deductions/rebates (e.g. medical expenses, retirement annuity contributions other than pension contributions made by your employer, travel).

Who is a Provisional Taxpayer?

Any person who receives income (or to whom income accrues) other than a salary, is a provisional taxpayer.  Most salary earners are therefore non-provisional taxpayers, if they have no other sources of income. It is important to note that receiving exempt income, as follows, does not make you a provisional taxpayer:
  • If you receive interest of less than R23 800 if you are under 65; or
  • If you receive interest of less than R34 500 if you are 65 and older or;
  • You have income in a tax free savings account.
3.   Employer Interim Reconciliation Submissions
The Employer Interim Reconciliation submission period is open from 17 September until 31 October 2018. During the Interim Reconciliation submission period, employers are required to submit an Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) and an interim Employee Income Tax Certificate [IRP5/IT3(a)s] for the six month period - 1 March to 31 August 2018. The interim IRP5/IT3(a)s must not be issued to an employee, unless it is a final certificate (where the employee has left the service of the employer or the employer ceased to be an employer on or before 31 August 2018).

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with submitting any of the above returns.



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